5 Reasons Why To Travel in Thailand

Is spending a vacation in Thailand worth it? Yes, in fact, they’re so many exciting places and things to enjoy in Thailand that you won’t even have enough time to see it all. From luxurious hotels and white sandy beaches to historic temples and loyal palaces to super delicious food, you can rest assured that you won’t regret your decision to travel to Thailand. If you are still not convinced, here are 5 good to take a trip to Thailand. 

  1. The temple

If you are a religious fanatic, you’ll love what Thailand has to offer. The country is surrounded by over 40,000 Buddhist temples. All these structures date back to different dynasties, with each imitating a unique architectural and construction style. While you may not have enough time to visit all of them, there are a few that you can’t afford to miss including, 

Wat Pho – the Reclining Buddha – it’s one of the most famous temples with both the tourists and the locals. Here, you will find a 46m long reclining Buddha, surrounded by gold leaves. 

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet – Ayutthaya – It’s the most renowned historical site in Ayutthaya, having housed the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok. 

Sukhothai – It’s more of a historical park, housing several palaces and temples. You can explore them on foot or ride by bike or tuk-tuk. 

Wat Mahathat – here, you will enjoy the most famous and symbolic images of Thailand, with the Buddha head entwined within the tree roots. 

  1. The Wildlife 

If you love wildlife, then Thailand is the place to be. The country is home to many national parks, mountainous terrain, and beautiful beaches. One major national park that you can’t miss to visit is the Khao Yair National Park, filled with wild boars, tigers, and elephants (few). In the southern part of the country, the beaches are filled with monkeys. Make sure you visit the Monkey Beach on Koh Phi Phi. 

  1. History and Culture 

Thai culture and history are fascinating and super interesting. It dates back to over 20,000 years ago, with over 95% of the people being Buddhist, you can visit and explore the city of Chiang to view the Buddhist temples. 

You’ll also learn about some exciting Thailand beliefs. For instance, Thai people believe in ghosts; that’s why almost all homes have a spirit house. Make sure you visit the Thailand top museums, including the;

  • Hellfire pass memorial museum
  • National Museum of Bangkok 
  • Jim Thompson House Museum 
  • Chiang Mai National museum
  • Jeath war Museum 
  • Thai Burma Railway Cemetery 
  1. Beaches 

For water and island fanatics, Thailand offers over 1,500 miles coastline. The beaches are warm, with clear water and impressive vistas. Anyone looking to enjoy a vacation on a sunny beach will love the Freedom Beach in Phuket and the island of Koh Krada. 

For those looking for excellent diving spots, you should explore the Kol Tao, Chumphon, Surin Island, and Koh Tao, among other beaches. 

  1. Pocket-friendly budget 

If you’re on a budget but still want to get the most out of your vacation, then a trip to Thailand suits you. The airlines are Budget-friendly, the same as other modes of transportation such as buses and trains.  There are also numerous luxurious hotels, guesthouses, and restaurants with friendly prices. Likewise, the food is delicious and inexpensive. 


Undoubtedly, Thailand is one of the world’s must-visit destinations. Besides the countless fun and historic attractions, you’ll love the Thai people

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